Affected Persons Program

If you or a loved one is an affected person who is in need of support, please call the Affected Persons Program's General Referral Line at: 1-877-641-1897

Given the serious and often traumatic nature of incidents investigated by the SIU, the Affected Persons Program provides support services to affected persons. Affected persons include complainants, loved ones and/or family members of complainants and others, such as civilian witnesses, who may have been present during the incident. The aim of the Program is to meaningfully respond to the emotional and practical needs of those persons impacted by incidents under SIU investigation. 

When applicable, an Affected Persons Coordinator (APC) will liaise with investigators regarding the needs of affected persons in any given case. The APC will contact the affected person(s), either in person or by telephone. Depending on the circumstances of the investigation and needs of the affected person, the APC may provide:
  • Death notification assistance 
  • Crisis response and intervention 
  • Psychological first aid, emotional support
  • Practical support including information and guidance pertaining to the mandate of the SIU and the investigative process, accessing emergency financial supports, safety planning, funeral funding and planning 
  • Referrals and advocacy: assistance with navigating social and justice systems, accessing relevant community resources, legal and medical support, victim funding programs
Support plans area tailored to meet the unique needs of each affected person based on their presenting concerns, circumstances, and resources.

Affected Persons Program intervention can help mitigate the traumatic effects of an incident the SIU is investigating while improving the affected person’s understanding of and ability to participate in the investigation. The Program also allows investigators to dedicate their efforts to gathering investigative evidence and facts.

Affected Persons - Court Support Program

The criminal court process can be a difficult and confusing time for victims and witnesses. The Program offers support, information and guidance to all SIU victims and Crown witnesses throughout the prosecution when charges are laid against a police officer. The Program helps victim/witnesses enhance their understanding of, and participation in, the criminal court process by providing case specific information, court preparation and orientation, accompaniment, and assistance with Victim Impact Statements. 

The APP Team 

The APP team is comprised of four regional APCs and a manager. APCs are strategically located in the central/GTA, east, west and north regions of the province to provide frontline service to affected persons who live within their respective areas in a timely manner.  

APCs travel throughout Ontario to meet with individuals at their homes or other places of convenience. APP services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. 

While each APC brings their own training, education and experience to the APP team, all members are trained in conducting needs assessments, trauma and crisis response and intervention, as well as grief, bereavement, sexual assault, and complex trauma support. APCs use culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and victim-centred approaches with all affected persons.  Members on the team come from the fields of mental health, victim services, the Victim/Witness Assistance Program, addiction management, education, psychotherapy, community corrections, as well as youth detox and child protection. 

Affected Persons Program staff also participate in public education and outreach activities to various service providers and stakeholders. Establishing and maintaining connections within the community is crucial to ensuring affected persons receive support services in a coordinated and fluid manner.  

For more information about the Affected Persons Program, please contact 1-877-641-1897.

Affected Persons Program Brochure

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