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SIU Director's Reports

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is the civilian law enforcement agency in Ontario that investigates incidents involving police where there has been death, serious injury or an allegation of sexual assault. The Unit is independent of the police and of the government. 
At the end of every investigation, the SIU director must decide whether a subject officer committed a criminal offence in connection with a mandated incident, and depending on the evidence, lay a criminal charge against the officer if appropriate or close the file without any charges being laid. In cases where no charges are laid, the Police Services Act prescribes that the Director reports the results of the investigation to the Attorney General. The report includes a detailed narrative and reasons for the decision. 
As of May 1, 2017, the Attorney General has been publicly posting those documents at: Effective December 1, 2018, the SIU – with authorization from the Attorney General – has assumed responsibility for posting the Director’s Reports on the SIU website.
The SIU does not post any reports dealing with investigations of a sexual nature. The release of information related to investigations of sexual assault allegations is associated with a risk of further deterring what is an under-reported crime and undermining the heightened privacy interests of the involved parties. 

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Director's Reports by Case Number

Case Number Date Report Signed Full Text Link
17-TVI-108 Mar 13, 2018 Read Full Text
17-OVI-201 Jun 27, 2018 Read Full Text
17-TCI-209 Apr 9, 2018 Read Full Text
17-OCI-220 Jun 20, 2018 Read Full Text
17-TCI-228 Jun 25, 2018 Read Full Text
17-OCI-243 Jun 22, 2018 Read Full Text
17-OCI-292 Sep 12, 2018 Read Full Text
17-TCI-311 Sep 18, 2018 Read Full Text
17-OCI-348 Oct 16, 2018 Read Full Text
17-TCI-357 Oct 16, 2018 Read Full Text
17-PCD-360 Oct 23, 2018 Read Full Text
17-PCI-364 Oct 19, 2018 Read Full Text
17-PVI-371 Oct 18, 2018 Read Full Text