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Forensic Identification Services

Criminal investigations cannot be competently conducted without the application of the highest quality of forensic science.

Since moving to its Mississauga head office in May 2000, the SIU has spent significant resources to build and hone its Forensic Identification Services’ (FIS) state of the art facilities and expertise.  An in-house FIS also further establishes the Unit as an independent investigative body.

The FIS compliments the investigative process by providing technical advice and assistance to investigators about the potential significance of physical evidence.  The team is led by two full-time forensic identification supervisors and ten forensic investigators.

The forensic team is responsible for gathering, evaluating and protecting the physical evidence at the scene of an incident.  Leading-edge digital and video camera equipment and sophisticated surveying tools such as Total Station allow forensic investigators to record and objectively analyse all critical components of an incident scene. The investigators are also responsible for interpreting trace evidence and recording the autopsy process.  Forensic investigators have expertise in collision reconstruction, blood stain spatter analysis, scene surveying and firearm analysis. Investigators also receive regular training and certification in forensic identification courses at the Ontario Police College.

From time to time, the FIS team relies on the invaluable cooperation from external agencies such as Ontario’s Centre of Forensic Sciences, the RCMP Laboratory in Ottawa and in some cases the FBI in the United States to secure the required assistance.

The FIS combines an extensive collective skill base with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to extract the maximum relevant information from physical evidence, to assist the investigator in pursuit of fact and ultimately, to assure the public, the courts and the police community that a competent and thorough investigation has been done.