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SIU Vehicle Fleet

It is of critical importance that investigators respond quickly to reported incidents and with the necessary equipment at hand. In 2001, in order to enhance the mobility of investigators and their ability to deal effectively with working conditions in the field, the Unit acquired four extended one-tonne vans designed to transport forensic identification equipment safely to incident locations.  The vans were fully equipped and designed to preserve and convey evidence while reducing the risk of contamination.

In 2008, these vehicles were replaced with four new Dodge Sprinter Vans, again fully equipped with forensic equipment but also providing increased utility, improved fuel efficiency and greater payload capacity.  These vehicles are stationed strategically throughout the province in Kingston, Orillia, Kitchener and the SIU head office in Mississauga. 

As well, the Mobile Command Unit (MCU) came into service in December 2009.  The MCU allows investigators to:
  • have a place to meet and strategize while on scene
  • conduct witness interviews
  • maintain a visible presence independent of police

mobile unit