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Job Description: Forensic Investigator

The SIU's criminal investigations cannot be competently conducted without the application of the highest quality of forensic science. SIU forensic investigators are responsible for collecting, preserving, and examining physical evidence associated with incident scenes in support of the SIU's forensic identification program. Successful candidates will possess good judgement, honesty, integrity and strong ethical values. Please see Investigators Creed and the SIU’s Vision, Mission, and Values for further information on the characteristics we require of our investigators.

SIU forensic investigators must develop and demonstrate the ability to:
  • gather and analyze evidence by selecting and applying various forensic identification methods (e.g. fingerprint and footwear impressions, toolmarks, photographs), in accordance with the prescribed rules of evidence and the law to conduct examinations of incident scenes,
  • determine forensically the chain of events which led to the death or injury being investigated,
  • render latent marks or impressions visible by means of electrostatic detection or application of appropriate substances or developing agents,
  • utilize advanced digital cameras, computers and video technology in support of forensic identification and ensure that the necessary photographic and video record of the incident scene is secured,
  • conduct any required searches relative to the location of evidence (i.e. establishing incident scene perimeters and conducting grid searches) with a view to locating and identifying relevant physical evidence,
  • consult with the Forensic Identification Supervisor to assess the value of physical evidence and make recommendations to the Identification Supervisor regarding action to be taken,
  • liaise and direct other identification technicians who have been assigned to the scene by police services regarding scene examination.
  • SIU forensic identification technicians are also responsible for performing other duties relative to the investigative task which include the ability to:
  • provide assistance to the Crown Attorneys Office in the preparation of cases where charges are laid by preparing physical evidence and briefing materials for presentation before the court,
  • testify in the support of findings and conclusions as an expert witness during trials, Coroner's Inquests or any other form of hearings,
  • attend and photograph post mortem examinations,
  • research new techniques, procedures and innovations and adaptations of existing methods, test the reliability of such development and prepare reports on studies,
  • attend courses, seminars and related training sessions related to the administrative and operational duties of the Special Investigations Unit.

Required Skills:

  • The skills and knowledge required to perform the job of an SIU forensic identification technician at a full working level include:
  • sound knowledge and understanding of relevant Constitutional Law, the Criminal Code of Canada, the Canada Evidence Act, the Identification of Criminals Act, the Coroners Act, and the Police Services Act of Ontario,
  • extensive knowledge and understanding of forensic identification theories, techniques, practices (including crime scene and exhibit photography), equipment and its application to latent impressions and fingerprint identification theory, formulae and principles,
  • excellent knowledge of laboratory testing techniques and procedures and the use of chemical substances and equipment relevant to forensic identification work, including photography
  • an understanding for the need to be sympathetic, tolerant, patient and sensitive to the needs of all persons involved in the investigative process and to the public and its communities,
  • oral communication skills to liaise with colleagues during the course of an investigation, deliver instructions, and to make presentations regarding the role of Forensic Identification Services,
  • written communication skills to prepare reports and studies,
  • mandatory on call work required,
  • a valid Class 'G' drivers licence.

The SIU is committed to employment equity. All job postings can be found on the Government of Ontario Job Opportunities website at www.gojobs.gov.on.ca