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Job Description

Investigative Managers

There are three investigative managers at the SIU who are responsible for the coordination and daily management of the team of 53 investigators. Of these investigators, 14 work full-time out of the SIU's Mississauga head office, and the remainder are stationed across Ontario and deployed on an as-needed basis.

The investigative managers work on an on-call basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week, receiving notifications of incidents and dispatching SIU staff. They guide investigators through all aspects of the investigation and advise on investigative procedures and techniques. Every investigation is assigned to one primary manager who manages the investigators and ensures the quality control of reports and briefs that are prepared for the director.

  Steve Gibbons, Jack Coruzzi, Oliver Gordon

Left - Steve Gibbons

Steve Gibbons joined the SIU in June 2001 as an investigator.  In March 2007, he was promoted to investigative manager. During times when the executive officer is required to be away from the office, Steve assumes the role of acting executive officer.

Centre - Jack Coruzzi

Jack Coruzzi joined the SIU in January 2007 as an as-needed investigator. In July 2008, Jack became a full-time investigator and was promoted to investigative manager in October 2011.

Right - Oliver Gordon

Oliver Gordon joined the SIU in July 2005 as an investigator. In March 2011, Oliver was promoted to investigative manager.