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Job Description

Forensic Identification Managers

There are two forensic identification managers who manage the technological development of the SIU's in-house Forensic Identification lab and lead a team of 10 as-needed forensic investigators who are located across the province.

The forensic identification managers, along with the forensic investigators, are responsible for:

  • the coordination of scene examinations
  • the collection, preservation, and analysis of physical evidence
  • management of the submission of evidence to the Centre of Forensic Sciences.

Frank Kavcic, Len Shaw

Left - Frank Kavcic

Frank Kavcic joined the SIU in November 2013 as an as-needed forensic investigator. In February 2015, he was promoted to forensic identification manager.

Right -  Len Shaw

Len Shaw joined the SIU as forensic identification manager in January 2000.