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Investigative Process

In Ontario, it is the responsibility of the police service to report any incident that may fall under the SIU’s investigative jurisdiction.  Section 3 of Regulation 267/10 under the Police Services Act states:

A chief of police shall notify the SIU immediately of an incident involving one or more of his or her police officers that may reasonably be considered to fall within the investigative mandate of the SIU, as set out in subsection 113(5) of the Act.

However, anyone else – be it a member of the public, a coroner, members of the media, a medical professional or a lawyer - may advise the Unit of a situation they believe may require investigation. When an incident is reported by anyone other than the police, the SIU also notifies the involved police service.

The SIU’s investigation of an incident begins at the time of notification and entails a number of actions.  An overview of the SIU’s investigative process is illustrated in the diagram below and can also be viewed as a PDF.

investigative process