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Special Reports

In its 20 year history, the SIU has often been the subject of controversy and scrutiny.  As a result the Unit has undergone numerous external reviews and subsequent reports which examined issues of SIU - police co-operation, limited resources and operational effectiveness. In several cases these reports have played a significant role in shaping the organization today. 

April 2017

December 2011

Ombudsman Report: Investigation into the Ministry of the Attorney General’s implementation of recommendations concerning reform of the Special Investigations Unit.

December 2011
Director Ian Scott, responds to the release of the Ombudsman's Report on the SIU.

April 2011
Patrick LeSage Report: Report regarding SIU Issues

October 2009
SIU progress report in response to 2008 Ombudsman's Report.

September 2008
Director James Cornish, welcomes the Ombudsman's report on the SIU in helping improve processes and to maintain public confidence and trust.

September 2008
Ombudsman’s Report: Oversight Unseen: Investigation into the Special Investigations Unit’s operational effectiveness and credibility”

February 2003
Adams II: Review Report on the Special Investigations Unit Reforms prepared for the Attorney General of Ontario by The Honourable George W. Adams, Q.C.

May 1998
Adams I: Consultation Report of the Honourable George W. Adams, Q.C. to the Attorney General and Solicitor General Concerning Police Cooperation with the Special Investigations Unit"

November 1996
McLeod Report: A Report and Recommendations on Amendments to the Police Services Act Respecting Civilian Oversight of Police

June 1992
Racism in Ontario: Report to the Premier by Stephen Lewis

April 1989
Clare Lewis Report: The Task Force On Race Relations and Policing