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In addition to the knowledge, skills and experience that many of our investigative staff bring with them, and under the direction of the Unit’s Training Coordinator, investigators receive training in a number of disciplines that are essential to the position.

If you wish to apply for employment as an SIU investigator, an extensive background in both investigation and investigative interviewing is important.  A number of our non-police personnel have experience with both federal and provincial investigative agencies.

The Unit is also committed to providing an environment for continued growth and learning for all staff. With respect to the “core” courses that are taught at either the Ontario or Canadian Police Colleges, the SIU strives to have all investigators (forensic investigators aside) trained in the various disciplines.  Below is the list of core courses, with the percentage of SIU investigators that possess each accreditation:

  • General Investigation Training (100%);
  • Investigative Interviewing (75%);
  • Homicide Investigation (52%); and
  • Sexual Assault Investigation (98%, by January 2011)