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Officers Did Not Cause or Contribute to Man’s Falling Injuries; SIU Terminates North Bay Investigation

Numéro du dossier: 19-OCI-151

Mississauga, ON (25 juillet 2019) ---
The Interim Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has terminated an investigation into the injury sustained by a 54-year-old man last month in North Bay.

On the night of June 26, 2019, a 911 telephone call was made to the North Bay Police Service, but the caller hung up. Prior to the call being ended, the 911 dispatcher heard screaming in the background resulting in officers being dispatched. On arrival at the Main Street West address, officers heard what appeared to be a domestic dispute taking place inside the second-floor apartment. The police officers knocked on the apartment door, but it was not answered.  At the same time that the officers kicked open the apartment door, a 54-year-old man jumped out of his bedroom window to the ground below. 

Interim Director Martino said, “Based on the SIU’s preliminary inquiries, it is apparent that the man jumped of his own volition as officers entered the residence. While the officers’ presence prompted the man’s drastic recourse, they were lawfully inside the residence to ensure the wellbeing of its residence: see R v Godoy, [1999] 1 SCR 311. In the circumstances, as it is evident that the officers neither caused nor contributed to the man’s injury in any fashion that could attract criminal liability, there is patently nothing further to investigate, and the file is closed.”

L’UES est un organisme indépendant qui enquête sur des rapports d’incidents impliquant des policiers et qui ont causé la mort ou une blessure grave, ou qui comportent des allégations d’agression sexuelle. En vertu de la Loi sur les services policiers, le directeur de l’UES est tenu :

  • de déterminer si un policier a commis un acte criminel lié à l’incident faisant l’objet de l’enquête;
  • compte tenu des éléments de preuve, de déposer une accusation au criminel contre le policier, le cas échéant, ou de fermer le dossier sans déposer un chef d’accusation;
  • de faire rapport des résultats de toute enquête au procureur général.

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