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Man to Blame for Fall that Resulted in Broken Leg; SIU Terminates Brampton Investigation

Numéro du dossier: 19-OCI-232   

Mississauga, ON (17 octobre 2019) ---
The Interim Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has terminated an investigation into an interaction that occurred last month between an 18-year-old male and Peel Regional Police (PRP) officers in Brampton.

In the evening hours of September 19, 2019, the 18-year-old was wanted by PRP on suspicion that he was involved in a gunpoint robbery of another individual hours earlier. PRP tracked his location to an apartment unit in the area of Clark Boulevard and Bramalea Road. When officers knocked on the door intending to effect his arrest, the man attempted to escape apprehension through the bedroom window. In so doing, he fell to the ground below. Approximately five minutes after his fall, officers located the man, took him into custody and had him transported to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured left leg.

Interim Director Martino said, “It is apparent based on the SIU’s preliminary inquiries that there are no grounds giving rise to potential criminal liability on the part of any police officer or officers in relation to the man’s injury. Without seeing any police officer inside the residence but panicked by their presence outside the door, the man left the unit of his own volition and has only himself to blame for the fall that broke his leg. Consequently, the investigation is hereby discontinued, and the file closed.”

L'UES est un organisme gouvernemental indépendant qui enquête sur la conduite d'agents (agents de police, agents spéciaux de la Commission des parcs du Niagara et agents de la paix du Service de sécurité de l'Assemblée législative) qui pourrait avoir entraîné un décès, une blessure grave, une agression sexuelle ou la décharge d'une arme à feu contre une personne. Toutes les enquêtes sont menées par des enquêteurs de l'UES qui sont des civils. En vertu de la Loi sur l'Unité des enquêtes spéciales, le directeur de l'UES doit :

  • considérer si un agent a commis une infraction criminelle en lien avec l'incident faisant l'objet de l'enquête;
  • selon le dossier de preuve, faire porter une accusation criminelle contre l'agent, s'il existe des motifs de le faire, ou clôre le dossier sans faire porter d'accusations;
  • rendre compte publiquement des résultats de ses enquêtes.

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