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Community Outreach

Maintaining and enhancing the community’s confidence in the police services of Ontario is an important part of the SIU’s mission. This is accomplished to the extent that the community understands and has trust in the work of the SIU as a civilian oversight body. Outreach is essential in building confidence in civilian oversight and police accountability with both police services and community members in Ontario.

The SIU’s outreach efforts aim to:
  • Increase awareness of the SIU, its mandate, and the investigative process
  • Correct misperceptions
  • Raise confidence in the integrity of the SIU and police services in Ontario
  • Develop and strengthen stakeholder networks for greater communication
  • Raise willingness to report incidents and for cooperation (both police and civilians)
  • Encourage constructive scrutiny of its operations
  • Increase opportunities for corporate learning and improvement

The SIU’s stakeholder network is comprised of many groups and organizations which can be categorized into four groups: police services, community members and organizations, media, and academia. 

The following are a few examples of the Unit’s target community groups:
  • Ethnic and immigrant communities
  • Students (high school, college & university)
  • Youth groups
  • Neighbourhood associations & community centres
  • Social service providers to the homeless, mentally ill and youth
  • Advocacy groups working to reduce crime
  • Legal Aid Clinics
  • First Nations organizations

Contact the Outreach Coordinator to learn more.