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Organizational Chart

Led by the Director, the SIU consists of roughly 85 staff members. Members bring with them a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in both the investigative and administrative roles.

The SIU’s civilian investigators are the front line of the Unit, its "face" in the community.  In compliance with the Police Services Act and internal operating procedures, investigators conduct objective, fair, unbiased and timely investigations into incidents of serious injury and death which may have resulted from criminal offences committed by police officers.

Four investigative supervisors (three full-time and one acting supervisor position), two forensic identification supervisors and 14 investigators work out of the SIU’s Mississauga head office. Of the 14 investigators, 8 have no previous policing backgrounds.  Rather, their investigative experience comes from having worked in areas such as national security and intelligence, immigration, the legal profession, workplace health and safety, and professional regulation. 

Further to this, a total of 39 regional investigators and 10 forensic investigators are stationed across the province and deployed on an as-needed basis. This blend allows the head office to oversee and manage investigations, while retaining the flexibility to respond quickly to incident scenes across the province with investigators who reside closer to the scenes. 

To fulfill its mandate effectively, the SIU is also supported by an Executive Officer, Legal Counsel, Administrative Manager, Communications Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Training Coordinator, and an administrative staff composed of transcribers, a central registry clerk, a budget and inventory clerk, an information technology systems analyst and administrative assistants.

For an in-depth look at the various roles at the SIU, please click on the corresponding job title on the org chart below.

SIU Org Chart Director Exec. Director Council Administrative Manager Administrative Coordinator Investigative Managers Forensic identification Managers Communications Coordinator Outreach Coordinator training Coordinator Affected Persons Coordinator Full-time Investigators Forensic Identification Investigators