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The Director’s Resource Committee (DRC)

Through most of its history, opportunities for dialogue between the SIU and community groups interested in the work of the Unit were sporadic.  In 2002, under the tenure of then Director Peter Tinsley, the Director’s Resource Committee (DRC) was established to foster a wide range of communication links with non-police communities and to provide a regular forum for communicating with the SIU. 

The DRC is comprised of community representatives from various ethnic and community groups.  The current DRC members represent the Muslim, Jewish, South Asian, Chinese, First Nations, and African communities.

The work of the DRC has been significant since its inception. DRC members have provided valuable feedback and input on various policy issues at the SIU, and have assisted with the SIU’s recruitment efforts among the communities they represent.  The DRC meetings have been an opportunity to raise discussion issues identified by the members’ communities regarding the work of the SIU and/or the police. 

DRC meetings are typically held twice a year and are chaired by the Director of the SIU with a focus on both general operations and specific issues. Following the October 2009 launch of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), the SIU and the OIPRD have held these meetings jointly.

For more information on the DRC or to make a request for an Outreach event please contact the Outreach Coordinator.

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