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News Release

Due to Lack of Cooperation from Man, SIU Discontinues Guelph Investigation

Case Number: 20-OCI-159

Mississauga, ON (2 October, 2020) ---
The Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has terminated an investigation into the June 2020 arrest of a 32-year-old man in Guelph.

On the evening of June 30, 2020, officers with the Guelph Police Service (GPS) observed a man – who was under investigation – make a drug-related transaction in the plaza parking lot located on the northwest corner of Dawson and Willow Roads. When the man attempted to flee on foot, the officers arrested him. The following day, the GPS contacted the SIU to report that the man had apparently suffered a facial laceration and broken nose in the course of his arrest. The SIU commenced an investigation.

Director Martino said, “Regrettably, as the man has refused to make himself available for an SIU interview or authorize the release of his medical records, the nature and extent of his injuries are as yet unconfirmed.  

“On the aforementioned-record, I am satisfied that the SIU’s investigation ought to be discontinued at this time.  I am loath to proceed with an investigation on the basis of second-hand information regarding the SIU’s jurisdiction where first-hand information is readily available but simply not forthcoming from the complainant. Accordingly, as there is insufficient information, in my view, establishing that the man in fact suffered a “serious injury” within the terms of the SIU’s mandate, the SIU is without jurisdiction in this matter, and the file is closed.”

The SIU is a civilian agency that investigates reports involving police where there has been death, serious injury or an allegation of sexual assault. Under the Police Services Act, the Director of the SIU must

  • consider whether an officer has committed a criminal offence in connection with the incident under investigation
  • depending on the evidence, lay a criminal charge against the officer if appropriate or close the file without any charges being laid
  • report the results of investigations to the Attorney General.

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